Our Mission

To help our clients be ahead with the technologies that enhance their work, home, and social lifestyles.

Our Vision

To be a global player in audio-visual and control automation integration and channel distributor with a visible presence in Africa.

Get to know us

The synergy of Audio-Visual technologies with IT Technologies over the past 15 years has inspired our purpose as an organisation , we believe the convergence and synergy of these technologies is inspirational to the creation of innovative integrated solutions for corporate, commercial, and residential AV/IT solutions for business communication and teams collaboration in a corporate environment.

We deliver unforgettable user experience in commercial spaces, and luxury lifestyle for security, accessibility and comfort at home. Our drive is to create inspirational solutions converging audio-visual systems with information technology systems for relaxed and productive presence.

Quality Standards
Quality Standards

Why Choose Us

Who We Are

We are integrators of high end audio visual, collaboration, unified communication, and control solutions with a mission to use these technologies to achieve the desired outcome for our clients lifestyle at the workplace and home. AVNCIS is based in Surrey, United Kingdom with an operational office in Lagos Nigeria.

What We Do

We use AV, IT Networks and Control Technologies to create innovative, easy use workplace collaboration and communication solutions for staff and visitors in corporate spaces. We incorporate curated scalable, accessible, centrally controlled, eco saving integrated luxury home technology solutions for our clients bearing in mind their requirements and budget.

Our Partners